It is one of the oldest cultural and educational centres in Krakow as it began operation in 1953. Culture Centre is an educational and cultural institution under the Cracow district authorities.
On the 15th anniversary of opening, the centre chose Janusz Korczak for patron. Apart from the permanent activities and workshops “Korczak” organizes around 230 events and festivals for children and youth.
The events to enjoy the greatest popularity are the:

International Guitar Festival “Nowohucka Jesień Gitarowa”  -

“Land of Gentleness” Voivodship Competition of Lyrical Song

“A Capella” Voivodship Competition for Choirs

Review of Artistic Achivements of School Dormitories and Residence Halls

Małopolska Christmas Carol Singing Meetings

Voivodship Festival of Groups of Ancient Music “Schola Cantorum”

All-Poland Open Championship of Cheerleader Teams In Krakow

Nowohucka Football League – Football championship

In order to promote classical guitar Culture Centre each month organizes a concert for young, talented artists called “Around the Guitar” in Krakow’s Historical Museum located in Krzysztofory Palace.

Each year Culture Centre also participates in organization of:

All-Poland Tournament of Ballroom Dance ‘Spring’

All-Poland Chamber Music Contest for students of Music Schools (II grade) accompanied by Małopolska Art Contest Nowohucka Spring of Music

All-Poland Review of Patriotic Songs

Małopolska Workshops for Choir Conductors

A similarly wide range of public attracted is characteristic for the events addressed to the resident district. The Youth Culture Centre took active active part in the celebration of the 50th anniversary of Nowa Huta, organising in 1999, such events as e.g.: “Of Nowa Huta a Song we Sing” Song Festival, “Festival of Muses in Avenue of Roses”, and a number of open-air events and competitions in painting and drawing, and photography addressed to various age groups.
The actions of the Youth Culture Centre commemorate the figure of Janusz Korczak. Hence a variety of preventive and educational programmes are among regular events, moreover, they often make reference to the methods of upbringing the patron used: there are also national and international scientific sessions on upbringing of children and youth. The promotion of pedagogy as practiced by Janusz Korczak and the problems of upbringing in the contemporary world are the central theme of the national scientific sessions organized every year by the Culture Centre in collaboration with Janusz Korczak Memorial Society of Poland. During the summer seasons, the Youth Culture Centre organized holiday camps under a joint motto: “Korczakowo”.
Meeting the educational and cultural challenge, the Youth Culture Centre carries out its mission by offering activities in a wide range of classes, groups and clubs.
There are a few artistic groups operating by the Youth Culture Centre:
- music classes: teenage rock and jazz bands, a guitar club, vocal-instrumental groups, the vocal class, and the eurhythmics class for the youngest
- dance classes: folk dance, classical, ballroom and modern dance (break dance, funky, cheerleaders)
- arts classes: painting, drawing, graphic arts, origami
- after-school club activities: prophylactic meetings
- sports classes on the sports field and recreational activities (football, tennis, table tennis, bodybuilding)
- theatre classes
- information technology and journalism classes
- educational classes: Polish folk customs, music educational lessons, language classes (English and German)
All the groups mentioned above make regular appearances during concerts, varnishing soirées, and open-air events organized by the Youth Culture Centre.
The achievements of Culture Centre’s various artistic groups have been presented in Poland and abroad (e.g. Israel, Spain, Great Britain, Hungary). Our Centre constantly makes efforts to form new international connections.
The Centre offers a range of educational events not only for children, youth, but also for their teachers and tutors. Among them it is worth to mention: Voivodiship workshops for choir conductors organized in cooperation with Academy of Music in Krakow (Akademia Muzyczna w Krakowie).
At the moment Culture Centre owns two buildings: os. Kalinowe 18 and os. Szkolne 5. These two buildings house music and arts studios as well as computer and language labs. Centre also houses concert and ballet halls, and the ‘Small’ Galery, where works of both professional and non-professional artists are presented.
Culture Centre is the place where young people can spend their free time in an active and creative way. It allows its charges and regulars to experience art and culture in all their dimensions. It helps develop creativity and passion.