Janusz Korczak Youth Culture Center in Krakow, Poland

Młodzieżowy Dom Kultury (MDK) im. Janusza Korczaka

Janusz Korczak Youth Culture Center is a municipal cultural and educational institution offering children and youth a wide range of extracurricular activities.

Following the upbringing methods created and advocated by its patron – a pioneer in pedagogic sciences, a writer and a doctor, Janusz Korczak – the organization strives to give all kids positive feedback, build their confidence by investing in their capabilities and offer a friendly and creative environment. The institution rises awareness of national history, environmental and social issues and culture in all its forms.

Founded in 1953, it is one of the oldest centers of this kind in the district of Nowa Huta in Krakow, Poland. Today, it operates at two locations and has at its disposal a multi-function sports field with an inflatable tent that makes it usable also in winter.

For 60 years MDK has been a place where young talents flourished. The workgroups guided by devoted teachers and trainers are available to all children, regardless of their material status. Here, the participants can do creative work, practice sports, play instruments, learn foreign languages, gain computer skills and much more. Results of their work are often shown to their parents, friends and public during many concerts, exhibitions and presentations. The children also take part in regional, national as well as international competitions which motivates them and brings experiences important in the course of their cultural education. We are very proud of their numerous successes.

Korczak Youth Culture Center organizes many events, festivals, tournaments, competitions and workshops for the benefit many children and young artists from the entire region. Most famously – The International Music Festival Guitarra Galante that annually invites the greatest masters of guitar music to give concerts and very special master classes to young musicians.

The institution collaborates with The Academy of Music in Krakow – a university that makes its professors available for Malopolska Choir Workshops or for the jury of regional Christmas carol competition.

Janusz Korczak Youth Culture Center welcomes all children and all valuable initiatives and contributes to the building of a well-educated society and will continue to promote culture for generations to come.